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Respect to the Nature and Hunter...

Taking his first step in the sector in a small home workshop in HUğlu in mid1960s, ÖZDEM MERT manufactured riffles for about 30 years; and established BÜYÜK HUGLU Av Malz. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti (Hunting Materials Industry, Trade Ltd.) in 1996 associating the experience of Huglu of an age, contemporary quality intelligence and modern technology of today.

After this date, commencing to manufacture automatic hunting guns, our company manufactured for the domestic market in their first three years, and realized their first export to the countries of European Union and America in 1999.

- Super pose hunting guns
in their product range speedily adapting to the changing technology of the world without making any concession from the quality, our company carries on their production intending for the "respect to the Nature and Hunter..."




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